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We are a young team of philologists with plenty of experience in translation and proofreading area having served the publishing sector and the media. We believe in networking because we appreciate a well done job and strengthening the bond between people.


A worthy publication is a well translated and well corrected one. In GroWords we believe in direct contact with people and that’s why we provide the best professionals who work closely with the author, the publisher and anyone else involved with the process in order to assure the optimal result. We adapt to your work style and we set up regular meetings to share criteria and points of view.


Language services for expanding companies

GroWords is at the disposal of any company that wants to expand its economic activities beyond its own territory: we will assure that languages will stop being an obstacle and will become a growth opportunity.

Being in a globalized environment like ours, we know first hand the increasing demands in the communication field regarding business relationships with foreign agents outside our borders; future partners with whom we share different sociolinguistic realities. And that’s why at GroWords we provide language professionals with just the right tools to build bridges between you and the business opportunities all around the world.

To achieve the best results in communication, we at GroWords always work from two essential premises:

  • To know you as a client in order to talk as you want.
  • To understand the market you want to enter.

For those reasons our network of professionals are always native speakers in your clients’ language, to make each text the most optimal and natural from a communication standpoint.

At the same time we are aware of the needs that companies in the process of expansion have. For this reason we offer translation services for any type of contract document, whatever the commercial field is.

Website translation & SEO

Globalization forced small and big businesses to expand due to necessity or commercial ambitions. That’s why digital channels are now the most visible asset for current and future customers, who are increasingly changing habits and behaviors as the digital environment progresses forward.

The best way to grow your brand is to invest in an appealing, intuitive and well ranked website to promote and consolidate your corporate identity in the digital space.

GroWords will promote your website to reach as many people as possible, always respecting your communication style with the client and adjusting it to the linguistic particularities of each market. We ensure each translation is always adapted to the sociolinguistic realities of each environment, working with a wide network of native professionals and improving your position in the digital environment through SEO techniques.

What is SEO positioning and why do I need it?

SEO translation aims to position your content according to the SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization) of your company. Keywords are defined in this translation for each language version of the content in the website and an optimized wording and format are maintained to improve search engine positioning (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) thus improving concordance between user search and your offer in the digital space.

Correction services for journalistic texts

GroWords employs experienced philologists specialized in journalistic proofreading. We are aware of the demands of the job (speed, setbacks, sudden changes, etc.). We adapt to the needs of each company because a good revision must include content clarity, correcting mistakes or improving the comprehension of the text; normalization according to the current spelling and grammatical norms, stylistic convention and criteria of each journal or corporation.

We in GroWords accept plenty of entry formats to optimize your time and ours, some of which are: Word, OpenOffice, InDesign, Pages, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF…



Sworn translation

Dealing with official administration either inside or outside our borders, any translated documents must be certified as sworn in order to be valid. This means it must be done by an official translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC). Stop searching right now and contact us so we can put at your disposal a professional approved by the MAEC to certify any sworn translation of your documents.

Correction/translation of academic papers

Make your academic work understandable, fluent, and free of language errors. A good spelling and style correction will make your text look professional, easy to read and improve its general quality.


Linguistic advice

Medical, legal, financial, commercial language… Do you need a translation, review or proofreading of any specialized text that exceeds your usual knowledge? Stop worrying because we work to adapt any text to a specific lexicon or style.



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